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Learn English Language

English Language

Basic Spoken English Classes in Electronic City, Bangalore

Language Step welcomes you to join our Basic English Training programs. Language Step is one of the best training institute that trains on Basic Spoken English Classes in Electronic City, Bangalore. Language Step is committed to provide you a great and a different studying experience with ensured results. This course is suitable for students, House maker or absolute beginners. This course is an introduction to the basic vocabulary and grammar through which you can attain the skills required to start the next stage of learning English. We do have group and individual classes also (Spoken, reading and writing).

Intermediate English Classes

Our course of Intermediate English Classes is designed to assist you learn English for intermediate level, and ensue that you Speak English fluently. This course is primarily designed to replica patek philippe expand your English on vocabulary and grammar to the next level. The aim of this course is to make learners gain confidence in their day to day conversations and make them talk with confidence.

Course Content

  • Intermediate English grammar – Next level learning of grammar
  • Learning Vocabulary – Formation of words – Pronunciation
  • Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
  • Writing skills
  • Conversation practice, group activities and presentations

By the end of this level you will be able to:

  • Learn useful informal expressions that are more frequently used in conversations.
  • Speak without fumbling.
  • Ask questions without breaking the grammar rules
  • Make the correct use of English for the real world
  • Understand most of general lectures and TV programs.
  • Write simple letters and emails

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