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Fully Integrated Approach

  • With the help of an integrated audio and webcam tools, Language Step virtual classrooms enable the learners and trainers to meet online and learn languages virtually. Either a one-on-one class or a small group up to 4-6 participants in a batch makes the classes very effective, fun and interesting.
  • Other added features like the audio and video of all participants, whiteboard, chat, share documents, recording feature, screen Share, Audio/Video share, share documents, notes, mute/unmute microphones makes the classes even more effective so that the learners can focus on learning the language without any gaps.
  • The learners can learn from anywhere in the world without attending the class at the center. Our expert trainers, programs will provide to all the students to ensure high-quality language learning.
  • Moreover, the wide range of exercises in the user-friendly system enables you to enhance language proficiency swiftly and effortlessly. our Unique system helps learners to communicate with trainers and fellow language learners easily.

Online Training Classes


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Learn at any time, anywhere

Are you traveling frequently and find it difficult to learn a language since you sometimes miss classes? Not a problem anymore! Language step Online Learning is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. Language Step supports mobile access from a wide range of sex dolls smartphones and tablet PCs. Every online class will be recorded to review later if you miss any classes.

You will be provided access to set up the class with your trainer directly as per you both convenient time.

Language Step’s mission is to provide students and clients with the opportunity to broaden their scope for communication through foreign language learning, by providing resources, training, and opportunities for personal and professional development.   It is based on creativity, fun and learns environment. We coach you with our unique techniques

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